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The Latest Photography Tips

Are you looking to improve your camera skills?

You need to read this great resource of photography tips, it goes in depth for all of the aspects of bettering yourself as a photographer. There are over 100 different pieces of advice on everything from how to interact with your clients to how to be more creative. These are great for all genres, it doesn’t matter if you shoot weddings or portraits. These will help you improve your abilities in all aspects of your work.

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Do you need help with exposure?

The first think you need to learn is the exposure triangle. ISO, Shutter Speed, and Aperture. These are the three values that control overall exposure. ISO is the same as film sensitivity, or sensor for digital cameras. The lower the ISO, the more dynamic range and less digital noise you’ll have. Shutter speed affects motion blur, if you’re lower than ~1/125, you might have motion blur on your subject or camera shake.  Aperture will affect depth of field, if you’re wide open at 1.4, you’ll have razor thin depth of field. If you stop down to f/8, almost everything in the frame will be in focus.